A market place for financial Apps. Access hundreds of real time streaming financial applications in Interest Rate, Credit, FX, Weather and Equity derivatives asset classes on your desktop, excel, browsers, tablets or smartphones. Use them, share them. Or build your own and deploy those in weeksmore


We can help you build, deploy and manage your own App Store. The Beast Framework License is available to build your private custom solution. There are several brokering and trading solutions available, such as Volmax®, RiskRecycling® and Trade Compression for you and your clients.more


TheBEAST® Rapid Application Development (RAD) Toolkit allows one to build and publish their financial applications in the App Store for anyone’s use within weeks. We host, manage permission and perform payment processing of these Apps in The App Store.more


The Beast Apps (formerly Vyapar) provides a cloud based Financial App Store to the global financial community at large.

THE BEAST™ technology has been developed and is being used for market data, analytics, trading and straight through processing for global financial markets in the areas of Interest Rate Derivatives, Inflation Derivatives, Credit Derivatives, Fixed Income, FX, Equities and Weather Derivatives asset classes by inter dealer brokers and large global financial institutions for a couple of decades.

We are taking the battle tested robust, reliable and fault tolerant technology to deliver real time, streaming, interactive and sharable applications, THE BEAST APPS, in to desktop, browsers and mobile devices like smart phone and tablets effectively.

Please contact us to arrange a demo of the capabilities and its use for your purposes.