ADaaS, Application Distribution as a Service: is the next iteration of Cloud Services today. The hardware, server, network and platforms such as databases and queue services are already Cloud based. Let The Beast Apps’ ADaaS help build, deploy and manage an entire cloud based app distribution system.

ADaaS is especially attractive to forward thinking managers, both mature enterprises or new entrants into financial markets, seeking to leverage the Clouds. The Beast Apps meets the demands of financial enterprises that seek this frontier of client services via Cloud architecture.

We provide an aligned, scalable model of low risk/low upfront cost and a significantly reduced time to market distribution as our clients develop and leverage their Cloud Strategy.

Build-Test-Deploy cloud based business applications with the same ease and speed that one can build and deploy a static website today.


We allow our clients to Build-test-Deploy their own applications using our BeastSDK (Software Development Kit)in a private, public or a hybrid cloud. We work closely with Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure).

  • The Beast Apps provides comprehensive development and deployment, managed services, where we will build, test, deploy, host, manage and maintain our clients’ applications in the Cloud.

  • The Beast Apps provides a hybrid approach where clients can use a combination of the BeastSDK and The Beast Apps development resources for rapid development, deployment and enhancements.


Businesses need to stay focused on building their unique value proposition, their “Secret Sauce”, without being bogged down on how to deliver their applications. Managers need to stay focused on innovation, marketing, feedback and business intelligence to stay ahead of the competition.

While virtualization of hardware, network and PaaS have been useful, what managers really need is an infrastructure that can help them Build-Test-Deploy their own apps, integrate existing software services using APIs, and distribute these apps leveraging the power of the Cloud (public, private or hybrid) quickly and easily.

Further, what businesses really need is an Application Distribution as a Service (ADaaS) where the apps and infrastructure run in the Cloud, not just an executable application delivery model that currently exist through conventional app stores. The ease of Build-Test-Deploy in the Cloud by The BeastSDK and the rich features and functionalities of The Beast Framework combine to provide the business intelligence, security, permissioning, audit trail, payment processing and enhanced services that are available as The Beast Apps ADaaS.

An ADaaS infrastructure needs to be available as a service in a Pay-As-You-Go model, similar to the Cloud based hardware and network delivery models. This is a proven, scalable, low cost/low risk time to market business proposition - The Beast Apps ADaaS Business Model.


Most technologists agree that it takes 20% of the IT resources to create your “Secret Sauce” and 80% for delivering the “Secret Sauce” – We solve that 80% dilemma offered as a service.

A global asset class neutral framework - TheBeast® Framework is a proven technology in the global financial space for over two decades.

  • Thin client: Real time, robust, reliable, scalable, and fault tolerant
  • Hundreds of Market Calibrated Financial Applications
  • Unique collaboration and workflow integration tools
  • Powerful cloud based Excel integration - Allows any app to have Cloud integration to Excel -improving workflow integration

Powerful permissioning and entitlement system

  • Secure, permission based system – Complete control over who has access to what, when, where and how long – supported with complete audit trail
  • Entitle, meter and charge for data and application based on most granular data item, time, location, device, how the data/application is used and how often
  • Integrates with your existing permissioning and entitlement systems.

Ubiquitous delivery of any application across any device anywhere

  • Build it once and deploy it wherever-whenever your clients demand access on any device, anywhere (desktop, browser, phones and tablets)

Time to market

  • Programmers can build and deploy apps in hours and days, not months using BeastSDK.
  • API Integration with data feeds, analytics or any new or legacy systems - Quick and easy to integrate with any external system
  • Faster speed of development and deployment
  • Dynamic roll out of applications - Weekly Release cycle or On Demand

Complete Turnkey Managed solutions

  • Development, deployment, hosting, maintenance, reports and billing
The Beast Apps is designed to reduce your workload of distributing applications significantly, allowing you to focus on your client offering/experience with market intelligence

ADaaS & Managed Solution

From start-ups to global enterprises, Clients use the Beast Apps’ ADaaS & Managed Solution to gain competitive advantage. Our Clients significantly reduce time to market in providing services to their clients through the Cloud, in many cases, gain better intelligence and capture additional customers and revenues which they were not able to tap before.

  • App Distribution hosted, managed and maintained in the Cloud - public (AWS, Azure), private or hybrid.
  • Pay-As-You-Go, aligned business and revenue model
  • White label or shared distribution
  • No matter what your current technology or systems, integrate these apps for distribution in days/weeks. No need to re-architect current or legacy system
  • Powerful multi-party collaboration and workflow integration for all internal and external users based on unique individual permissioning
  • Build-Test-Deploy in the Cloud using the BeastSDK to refine current offerings or build unlimited apps for new ideas
  • Build it once and done – deploy anywhere to anyone securely
  • Ubiquitous real-time delivery, on demand and streaming apps using desktop, Excel, browser, phones and tablets
  • High performance The Beast framework for data, analytics, and transactional capabilities
  • Mature robust and reliable architecture that scales for any size enterprise
Build your apps and deploy them or have The Beast Apps build, test, deploy, host and manage your applications in the Cloud of your choice